Program Overview

The International School of Oncoplastic Surgery has combined two leading courses into a single package for professional oncoplastic surgeons.This suite of two courses offers the highest levels (possibly internationally) of educational and skills, consisting of a full Master degree in Breast Oncoplasty with a 2-year Package of practical skills workshops.

The Masters in Breast Oncoplasty is the only course in Asia that offers training in the niche field of Breast Oncoplasty. Based on the award-winning ‘Masters’ in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Package’ conceived by the surgeons at UEA, the ‘Masters in Breast Oncoplasty’ is designed to provide cutting-edge skill to Asian surgeons. While the Package for Asia will be convened by International School of Oncoplastic Surgery based in Pune, India, the Masters in Breast Oncoplasty degree will be directly awarded to the applicants by the UEA.

Taken together, these courses provide both a professional qualification and educational experience for the trainee or experienced oncological surgeon; with advanced hands-on experience and leading edge theoretical knowledge to underpin it.

We have negotiated a competitive price with the UEA for our students and many of the surgeons who teach on the Masters course, also provide teaching on our practical course in Pune throughout the year.By taking the two courses together will provide the greatest professional and educational synergy.

Course Features

Master the Skills

  • Boost your career by enrolling for this innovative and reputed masters Package.
  • Whether you are a well-established surgeon who wants to widen the scope of your practice or a budding doctor who wants to make a mark in Breast Oncoplasty,the course is assured to provide you the necessary evidence-based knowledge and decision making skills to take your career forward.
  • The intensive curriculum of this course ensures that you attain comprehensive knowledge as well as all the necessary professional skills required for confidently managing all aspects of a breast surgery.
  • The intensive curriculum will ensure that you attain comprehensive knowledge and the necessary professional skills to confidently manage all aspects of breast surgery.
  • Gain the competitive advantage over your peers by being one of the selected few surgeons with expertise in Breast Oncoplasty

Flexible Learning

  • Travelling to distant locations or enrolling in a full-time course to upgrade clinical knowledge can be a major barrier to knowledge advancement
  • Earn the unique opportunity to study online from your place of residence or work without sacrificing your professional practice or work-life balance
  • Easy online access to course material and convenient practical training sessions will aid in saving your valuable time without compromising your learning experience

Learn from the Experts - Provided by ISOS

  • Gain the superior advantage of learning from global stalwarts in Breast Oncoplasty
  • Equip yourself with expert level skills taught by leading faculty and gain a substantial learning experience
  • As a Masters student, you will also be provided with a mentor for your research dissertation

Network Advantage - Provided by ISOS

  • Leverage the opportunity to be a part of a wide national and international Breast Oncoplasty community
  • Benefit from interacting with key opinion leaders and like-minded peers, especially during practical training sessions
  • Enhance your postgraduate experience by being a part of a diverse community and gain unique insights in the field

Global Outlook - Provided by ISOS

This course will give you a truly global perspective on Breast Cancer management achieved via:

  • Interactive coursework created by eminent specialists from the U.K.
  • Practical skills training by prominent Indo-U.K. faculty.
  • An interactive discussion forum comprising of doctors from all across the world. This forum will give you the privilege of interacting with international surgeons and staying up-to-date with the globally practised principles in management of Breast Cancer.

Affordable Training

With a heavily subsidized course fee structure for Asian students, get a unique opportunity to enrol in a world standard curriculum at an affordable cost


The course will be conducted in a blended learning format simultaneously involving:

UEA Web-based Theoretical Training

The theoretical aspect of the course is designed by UEA with support from the Royal College of Surgeons (England); Association of Breast Surgery (ABS); British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS). An active 150-strong specialist faculty will lead the course, guiding aspiring Breast Oncoplasty surgeons to imbibe appropriate domain- knowledge through each of the 6 modules, each lasting for 16 weeks.


  • Thorough discussions on realistic cases, supported by continual assessment of your surgical knowledge, critical thinking, communication skills and decision-making skills
  • Participation in discussion on the online portal at a time convenient to the candidates
  • Tutor-mediated forum discussion driven by the growth of shared reading, personal experience and tutor
  • guidance
  • Discussions emphasising on novel expertise and innovative insights that are relevant to real-life clinical practice and cases

ISOS Hands-on Practical Training

The practical aspect of the course is designed to run parallel to the UEA’s Masters Package, conducted by ISOS. Multiple workshops spanning over two days are aimed at enhancing clinical and operative experience of candidates. These training courses will be delivered by senior experts from India and the U.K. and will take place once in 4 months at the beginning of each course module.


  • A team of proficient surgical tutors and mentors lead the practical training
  • Surgical Simulations for deeper understanding of Oncoplastic techniques
  • Virtual Live sessions and case-based discussions to aid in problem-based learning
  • Interactive, multi-disciplinary tumour board sessions (MDT) covering important topics involved in effective management of Breast Cancer
  • Pre-surgery mark-up training with live models for hands-on training on surgery techniques
  • Specialised lectures and panel discussions to expose candidates to state-of-the-art Breast Oncoplasty techniques, management of breast diseases and innovations in Breast Oncoplasty 
  • Integrative learning focussed on practical application of key-concepts learnt through online modules

Course Modules

Module 1
  • Applied Basic Sciences
  • Benign Breast Disease
Module 2
  • Early Breast Cancer
  • Advanced Breast Cancer
Module 3
  • Research
  • Audit and Service Evaluation
Module 4
  • Oncoplastic Breast Conservation Level I
  • Oncoplastic Breast Conservation Level II
Module 5
  • Breast Reconstruction I
  • Breast Reconstruction II
Module 6
  • Leadership
  • Management and Service Delivery

Degrees are awarded under the program as per the completion of modules mentioned alongside.


Programme Director

Prof. Jerome Pereira
Professor of Surgery & Programme Director for Specialist Mastership Programmes in Surgery at the University of East Anglia, Norwich.

Regional, Convenor-South Asia
Surgical Oncologist UEA, UK

Dr Chaitanyanand Koppiker

Regional, Convenor-South Asia
Surgical Oncologist, Pune

Dr Anita Borges
MD, FRC Path


Dr Anusheel Munshi

Radiation Oncologist

Dr Beenu Verghese


Dr Bijal Parikh

Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr Chetan Deshmukh

Radiation Oncologist

Dr Chintamani

Surgical Oncologist

Dr Gautam Sharan

Radiation Oncologist

Dr Gaurav Agarwal

Surgical Oncologist

Dr K. Geeta

Surgical Oncologist

Dr Kanchan Kaur

Surgical Oncologist

Dr Nita Nair
MCh (Surgical Oncology),

Surgical Oncologist

Dr Praveen Dadireddy

Surgical Oncologist

Dr Sanjoy Chatterjee

Radiation Oncologist

Dr Santosh Dixit

Clinical Research

Dr Selvi Radhakrishna
DNB, FRCS, PG Dip. Clinical Oncology

Surgical Oncologist

Dr Shaheena Dawood

Medical Oncologist

Dr Somashekhar S.P.

Surgical Oncologist

Dr Sudeep Gupta

Medical Oncologist

Dr Ramesh Sarin

Surgical Oncologist

Dr Upendra Dhar

Surgical Oncologist

Dr Uttam Soni

Surgical Oncologist

Dr Vedant Kabra

Surgical Oncologist


About the course

This degree will be awarded by the University of East Anglia, UK. A separate certificate for the successful completion of practical training will be awarded by the International School of Oncoplastic Surgery, India.

As this is an educational Package, there are no employment opportunities associated with it. You cannot practise in the UK without a General Medical Council (GMC) registration. However, the course will improve your prospects of finding career progression in the UK after registering with the GMC.

This Package has been specifically developed with an intention of training doctors looking to develop their skills in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery. It is the only Package in Asia to provide such a training. Practising doctors with busy schedules - especially those who cannot commit to a dedicated post-graduate Package - can find this Package to be highly useful towards advancing their career and skills.

On an average, you will need up to 7 to 10 hours of online engagement per week to pursue this course. For practical training sessions, you will need to be in India for 2-3 days once in every 4 months.

Entry Requirement

You can if you have at least 1 year of experience in conducting breast surgeries or working in a breast unit. The course is open for practising:-

  • General Surgeons
  • Breast Surgeons
  • Cosmetic Surgeons

You will be required to produce proof of your work in the form of a certificate or letter of recommendation.

Online Theoretical Training
  • Your online training will be restricted to delivery of theoretical course modules. Upon enrolment, you will receive a special login Id and password. These will give you the required access to the theoretical course modules taught by e-tutors.
  • You will also be a part of an online discussion forum that includes participating doctors from all around the world.
  • This Package enables you to study at your place of residence/work as per your own convenience.

You would require a PC/Laptop/Mobile Phone and a working Internet connection in order to access the online training modules of this Package.

Practical Training

The practical training sessions will be held in Pune, India.

A 2-day practical session will be conducted once every 4 months. Together, you will have to dedicate a total of approximately 6-7 days a year.

Attendance at practical training sessions is mandatory. In exceptional cases, a written petition for any absence must be made to the Package Director and approved by them.

We will provide you with a letter of invitation should you require one for visa application purposes.

We will make arrangements for your local hospitality, travel and other logistical issues at an affordable cost upon prior intimation.


You can only skip the research and audit module in the first year of the Package. However, to receive a PG Certificate and a PG Diploma, you will be required to compulsorily complete 3 modules and 6 modules respectively. Alternatively, you may take a gap and choose a course of your choice in the subsequent year.

Yes, you can upgrade your course by taking additional modules. However, the price of the modules for the subsequent year may be subject to change and the required course upgrade may or may not be provided at the same cost.


No. You are only required to pay the tuition fees for each chosen module. Kindly contact our representative to know more.

As the Package is being brought to the students at an affordable price, we do not provide any scholarship options to the students.

You can choose to drop out of the course midway. However, you will only be awarded a degree in accordance to the number of modules completed by you. For example, if you were to complete only 4 modules, you would only be awarded a PG Certificate and not a PG Diploma.

No, your application fee of INR 3,000 is non-refundable.

The tuition fee covers the costs of the online training and the practical training sessions. However, costs of your food, stay and transport are not included in this fee.

For more info, feel free to write in to us at

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Applications for the Jan 2020 Batch begins in November 2019.
Entry Requirements - Provided by ISOS